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Ottawa OutGROW OutPLAY Virtual ONLINE Sale

OutGROW OutPLAY Online Sale Link

You will be approved and allowed into the Online Sale group based on participation. Volunteer, Consignor, Prime Time or Public. Your access to our virtual online sale will be approved in the order received as close to the start time as possible. It's just like or regular sale events with a line-up... but a virtual one.

Early Birds will ALWAYS score the BEST deals at the lowest prices :-)

Thursday - MAY 21

Volunteer + Consignor Pre-Sale

2pm to 4pm

Must have a Volunteer or Consignor Pre-Sale pass to shop during this time.

Prime Time Pre-Sale

4pm to 8pm - $10

Must purchase a $10 Prime Time PRE-SALE Pass to shop during this time.


6pm to 8pm - $5

Must have a $5 Prime Time PRE-SALE Pass to shop during this time

LIMITED Prime Time passes are available! Entry into our Online Virtual Sale will be based on when you purchased your pass.

Don't us TODAY to buy your pass today!

Friday - MAY 22

Public Sale

9am to 1pm

Admission of $2 will be added to your receipt if you purchase anything

Friday - MAY 22

Famous 1/2 Price Sale

4pm to 8pm

All items with "MARKDOWN" are 50% off Today

No admission added to any receipt during 1/2 price sale

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